2nd West Yorkshire Regiment

Military Medal – from Brompton, Northallerton


Awarded to 41033 L/Cpl John Thomas Atkinson 2nd West Yorkshire Regiment

Entitled to BWM & Victory Pair.

Military Medal – LG 02nd November 1917, making this a 3rd Ypres (Passchendaele) award (probably Langemarck). The LG states he was from Northallerton.

Pte Atkinson was announced as wounded in the War Office Weekly Casualty List of 14th May 1918, from Brompton.

Comes with copies of MIC, Medal Roll, LG entries, Newspaper announcements for awards, & wound.

Court mounted for display.

Price: £425

2nd West Yorkshire Regiment

Military Medal – from Ingrow, Keighley

MID’d, Wounded & Announced Killed in Action

Awarded to 8164 Pte Sam Holmes 2nd West Yorkshire Regiment

To France 5th November 1914, thus entitled to 1914 Star Trio – no clasp.

Mentioned in Despatches – LG 1st Jan 1916

Military Medal – LG 11th November 1916, making this very likely a Somme award

The MM was presented to Pte Holmes by the GOC 8th Division on the 10th April 1917 (from War Diary)

Pte Holmes was announced as wounded in the War Office Weekly Casualty List of 25th September 1917, and also announced as killed by the same means on 14th May 1918, however no mention can be found of him in the SDGW or CWGC, and he is mentioned as re-enlisting as 83167 18th May 1919, so one can only assume this is a mistake (and was probably only wounded again), but you can imagine the impact the announcement must have had on his family!!!

Comes with copies of MIC, Medal Roll, LG entries, Newspaper announcements for awards, wound, & death!

Court mounted for display. A couple of edge knocks, but naming is fine.

Price: £495

Manchester Regiment

Territorial Efficiency Medal

George VI

Awarded to 3529941 Pte H Hinson Manchester Regiment

Price: £75

4th Yorks & Lancs Regiment (Hallamshire)

Territorial Force Efficiency Medal

Edward VII

EVII TFEM awarded to 45 Pte M Sharman

(67 awarded to the 4th Battalion)

Price: £120

East Kent Regiment


8862 Pte Harold Henry Vincent Harford

Lived Regents Park, London, a Book-keeper by trade.

Attested in Canterbury 29.12.15, aged 28 into the Buffs.

A letter in his service papers states that he was wounded in the Somme Battles in September 1916, whilst serving with the 8th Battalion.

He was posted Home on the 16.09.16, so this probably ties in with him being wounded.

A further entry in his papers gives the nature of the disability – Gun Shot Wound Right Arm and Shoulder Front)

He was eventually discharged on the 20.04.17.

At some point it appears that Harford emigrated to France, as there is numerous correspondence from the Canadian Imperial Service Gratuities, asking for copies of his service papers (which appears o have gone missing!)

Copy MIC, SWB Roll, Service Papers

Price: £25

7th Shropshire Light Infantry

1915 Star & Victory Medal

14617 Pte Ernest Newbrook

Born 1895 in Whitchurch, Shropshire. To France 28.09.15

Copy MIC, Medal Roll, 1911 Census

Price: £50

2nd West Riding Regiment

1914 Star, Victory Medal & SWB

9704 Pte Thomas Healey West Riding Regiment

(Note: Surname spelled Healy on Victory Medal – according to MIC this is the correct spelling, his papers mixing Healey / Healy)

SWB Number 520320

Living in Oldham, he attested into the Duke of Wellington Regiment in May 1909, where he served in Dublin. When the War started Pte Healy was mobilised and landed in France 14.08.14 with the 2nd Battalion.

On the 20.05.15 he suffers gas poisoning (Second Battle of Ypres), where the Germans used poison gas heavily, especially on the French Colonial Units.

On the 17.07.16 he was again wounded (Battle of the Somme), this time with a serious GSW to the head. He was eventually evacuated back to Hospital in Birmingham to recuperate. He was eventually discharged from the Army in May 1918.

Copy MIC, Service Papers, SWB Roll, Medal Rolls

Price: £165


1st Royal Dragoons / Royal Flying Corps

5 Bar QSA & ARMY LSGC (Named to RFC)

Full Entitlement, Unusual Combination – Probably Unique

QSA: 4463 Pte C Dorrington 1st Royal Dragoons

Bars – Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal, SA 01 & SA 02. (The SA01 bar has split from it’s carriage on one side)

Army LSGC: 65826 SJT C H Dorrington RFC

Charles Henry Dorrington was born in Exeter in 1880 and enlisted into the Royal Dragoons 17th August 1899.

He is confirmed on the 1st Royal Dragoons QSA Medal Roll for all 5 bars, and is a unique name on the South Africa Medal Roll.

At some point he transferred to the Reserve Cavalry Regiment, with the Number of 5931. It was possibly at this time that he transferred to the 2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys), shown on his RFC papers. The 1st & 2nd Dragoons were part of the 5th Reserve Cavalry regiment, based in York and it must have been whilst based here he met and married his wife Gladys, and lived in the York area of Fulford (the location of a large Cavalry Barracks). The 5th were absorbed into the 6th Reserve Regiment in 1917, and Dorrington transferred to the RFC on the 12th March 1917.

His Royal Flying Corps papers survive and describe him as 5′ 11 1/4″, so he would have made quite an imposing figure in the roll of Disciplinarian Drill Instructor, his RFC trade, reaching the rank of Flight Sergeant.

He would have been awarded his Long Service Good Conduct Medal on the 17th August 1917, after 18 years service, whilst the RFC was still part of the Army.

Sjt Dorrington had no qualifying overseas service, only spending 11 days in France between 3rd December and 14th December 1918. He finally left the RAF on 3rd November 1920.

Interestingly he is shown on the 1939 Register still living in York, in 62 Elmwood Street, which was hit by German bombs on the 11th August 1940 causing damage to 45 houses, with Elmwood Street being known as “The Bomb Site”.

He died 14th July 1960

QSA mounted swing style as worn, LSGC loose.

Very Interesting pair of medals, which are almost certainly Regimentally Unique!!

Copy QSA Medal Roll, RFC Service papers, 1939 Register, some research

Price: £650

1st West Yorkshire Regiment

Commemorative Death Plaque – Unique Name

3/9574 Pte Edward Crampton

Born and Enlisted in York

Killed in Action 05th September 1915

Buried La Brique Military Cemetery No.1

Price: £85


12th Manchester Regiment

Military Medal

34822 Pte James Henry Campbell

Pte Campbell was born in Manchester in 1889, and the 1911 Census shows him living in Neden Street, Clayton.

He is reported as being wounded in the War Office daily casualty list November 21st November 1918 (Number 5728). This edition is a very hefty tome and is listed in 14 parts and contains the names of thousands of Officers and Enlisted men who were killed or wounded.

London Gazette date 14th May 1919, and this states he is from “Bradford” – an area next to Clayton, Manchester (close to the modern day Etihad Stadium)

Also entitled to the BWM & Victory Pair.

Copy MIC, Medal Roll, 1911 Census, & LG

Price: £425

1st Dorset Yeomanry


27955 Pte George Poxon

Discharged 21st April 1919, aged 42, no longer physically fit for service

At some point transferred to/from the ASC Remounts

Missing its pin

Price: £48

7th Kings Own Scottish Borderers

1915 Star Trio

13958 Pte William Royds

From Rochdale

Copy Service Papers, MIC (To France 09th July 1917)

Price: £95

Special Constabulary Long Service

Cyril Falkingham

From Selby, Yorkshire

Price: £12



107873 AM3 Jospeh William Beard

Originally enlisted into the 13th London Regiment, then Transferred into the Royal Engineers in the Field, then again into the Royal Flying Corps on the 22nd December 1917.

Trade Fitter (Ground), Civilian Occupation: Builder and Decorator.

From Bermonsdey, London

Copy RAF Service Papers

Price: £20

Liverpool Regiment


73704 Pte Frank W George

Also served as 48785 Labour Corps

Copy MIC

Price: £45

12th Durham Light Infantry


19582 Pte Joseph George

Discharged due to wounds whilst serving with RWF

Entitled to 1915 Star Trio (To France 25.08.15)

Copy MIC, SWB Roll

Price: £25


1st Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)

1915 Star Trio – Casualty

18266 Pte Joseph Allan
Died 11th February 1917. Born Glasgow.

Buried Bray Military Cemetery

Includes Copy of CWGC, SDGW, MIC

Comes with original ribbons, all on wrong medals – I’ve left them how they’ve come.

Price: £170



1st Battalion Welsh Regiment

1915 Star Trio

george welsh

10701 Pte Joseph Sidney George

To France 18.01.15

Attached 857 Pack Company, 84th Brigade, Salonika

Born Bristol, 1895

Copy MIC, Medal Roll, 1911 Census

Price: £95

Natal Light Horse

1915 Star Trio

george nlh 1

george nlh 2

215 Pte Alex George (Bi-lingual Victory Medal)

Originally born Tynemouth, Northumberland 02.09.1889.

He joined the merchant navy, eventually ending up in Durban, South Africa, where he married a Norwegian Julie Alvilda Foyn. He enlisted into the Natal Light Horse 01.09.1914, being one of their original 600 under Colonel John Royston and thus would have seen all their campaigns. Discharged in 29.01.1915, he then joined the SASC as a Mechanical Transport Driver (Service Number MT-720).

Unfortunately he then seemed plagued with bouts of malaria, Dysentery, even Smallpox, spending time in and out of hospital in the Tanga and Voi areas of Central Africa, eventually being discharged 06.10.1917 as Permanently unfit for Service.

Copy Service papers for both Units, Census details and some research Price: £125

1/5th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment

BWM – Casualty


mason 2

4773 Pte James Mason Killed in Action 03.09.16, aged 21 From Tattershall Bridge, Lincoln Enlisted 01.04.16 in Lincoln

Copy service papers, cwgc, MIC, 1911 Census.

Price: £45

15th/ 17th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment

Leeds Pals

BWM – Casualty 

greaves 1

greaves 2

62090 Pte Henry George Greaves Died 12.04.18, aged 19 Son of Henry Greaves 307 Avenue Rd, Extension, Leicester

Price: £45

1st Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment

BWM – Casualty

MM Winner (Very early Award)

dobson 1

dobson 2

9940 Cpl George Dobson

Born: 1896, Clerkenwell, London To France, 02.11.14 London Gazette: 03.06.16 (This is the first Gazette for MM awards and includes many early awards) Killed in Action: 17.06.17 whilst attached to 16th Trench Mortar Battery.

Buried Philosophe British Cemetery, Mazingarbe.

Price: £95

1st Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment

BWM – Casualty

blades 1

blades 2

59194 Pte Reginald Blades

Born 1899, Louth, Lincolnshire Enlisted 18.08.17 in Lincoln, giving previous branch of service as Dental Corps, RFA, as having been a Dental Mechanics Apprentice as a civilian. Shown as wounded 08.04.18 with ICT Left Hand (Interconnective Tissue), whilst in France, which was serious enough that he had to return to England. He then returned to France and was Killed in Action on the 24.09.18

Entitled to Pair only

Price: £45

Father & Son

Father Northumberland Fusiliers BWM


butler 2

57424 Pte Sam Butler Address on MIC 16 Tennyson Terrace, Peel Street, Morley, Leeds Entitled to Pair

Son Royal Air Force WW2 War and Defence Pair and Service Book 1108216 LAC Harry Butler

He was born on the 28.07.1920 Served as a Gunner in the RAFVR from 20.08.1940 to 24.04.46 and was based at North Witham.

The 39 Register shows Harry still living at home with his parents at 16 Tennyson Terrace.

Price: £75

2nd attached 9th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment

 BWM – Officer Casualty

gibson 1

gibson 2

2nd Lt George Henry Gibson

Born 21.03.1895, Knottingley, and lived 25 Close Street, Hemsworth, Wakefield His occupation was School Teacher.

Enlisted as 36581 Lancashire Fusiliers and immediately appointed Acting Corporal. He was commissioned into the West Yorkshire Regiment on 28.02.1917 He was killed in action on 27.08.1917. Commemorated on the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Memorial, Wakefield.

Copy service papers, CWGC, ODGW, MIC

Price: £120

2nd Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment

BWM – Casualty

cowdell 1

cowdell 2

49353 Pte Fred Joel Cowdell

Born: Sheffield, 1899 Lived: 69 Bridge Street, Morley, Leeds

Enlisted: 13.03.17 To France February 1918 Wounded Right Leg 23.03.18 Killed in Action 08.09.18

Copy of war diary for this date.

Newspaper write-up.

Price: £45

Machine Gun Corps

Victory Medal


hutchinson 2

Awarded to 9994 Pte William Hutchinson Also served as 23506 West Yorkshire Regiment

Price: £22

1st Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment Victory Medal

MM Winner


higgins 2

Awarded to 6159 Sjt William Higgins

London Gazette 27.10.16, so early MM award Also entitled to the 1914 Star, date of entry to France 08.09.14.

Price: £45


1/5th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

Military Medal, BWM & Victory Medals




Awarded to 13711 Pte George Ashcroft.

George Ashcroft was born and enlisted in Wigan, Lancashire, embarking for France 25.09.15 (and is thus entitled to the 1915 Star which is not with the group).

Pte Ashcroft was killed on the 30.11.17 when the 1/5th Battalion was serving in the 55th (West Lancashire) Divison in the ill fated Battle of Cambrai. The 30th November is the First day of the German Counter Attack which so took the British by surprise that the Division never really recovered from their almost complete route in the eyes of the British Command. The 1/5th War Diary for the 30th November records: “Heavy German bombardment along whole of front followed by strong flank attack. Front line Company’s surrounded, nothing definite known as to what exactly happened. Enemy seen approaching Gloster Road from direction of Sherwood Lane in great numbers at about 8am. Battn HQ made stand at Gloster Road until 8.30 am. Seeing themselves outflanked on both sides by the enemy they were forced to withdraw to Fourteen Willows where they dug in.” Casualties: 3 Officers Wd’d, 2 Officers Wd’d & Missing, 16 Officers Missing, 2 OR’s Killed, 27 OR’s Wounded, 384 OR’s Missing”

Commemorated on the Cambrai Memorial, Louverval.

London Gazette for MM – 14th January 1918 – According to Williamson’s book, this is for October 1917, the Battle of Ypres

Copy MIC, MM CWGC, SDGW, London Gazette, War Diary Mounted for display

Price: £695

1st/7th Battalion West Riding Regiment (Duke of Wellingtons)

1915 Star


2258 Pte Fred Armstrong West Riding Regiment Also Served as 183080 Labour Corps

To France 15.05.15 Copy Medal Roll & MIC

Price: £35


11th Hussars

1915 Star Trio

Regimental Oddity!

curds1 curds4


26171 Pte William Charles Curds 11th Hussars (Acting Cpl on Pair)

Comes with a copy of his full service record which tells an interesting tail…. Curds was born in Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales about 1887. He enlisted in the same city in 1914, giving his trade as an electrician. He was then posted to the 12th Reserve Cavalry Regiment until 23.02.15. It was at this point that his path took a slightly different turn than the norm. He was posted to the Egyptian theatre and stayed there for the next four years until being posted back to England on 28.02.19! During this time, his one journey home on leave from June to July 1916 nearly landed him a spell in prison and a court martial as he failed to report his whereabouts. He even earned a visit from the local CID. The reports that then go on between the Police, the Army and the Records Office does however help explain why he spent all this time in Egypt, and not in France with the rest of his Regiment. Pte Curds was the Groom to Capt Mayne who was Aide de Camp to the Commander in Chief of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force. There is also a poignant letter from his worried wife asking is her husband is wounded as she had received a letter from him in hospital in Alexandria, but it didn’t say why. His medical records indicate a bought of Malaria. In late August 1918, close to the end of the war, Curds transfers to the Remount Service of the ASC in Kantara (Egypt), shortly afterwards being promoted to Acting Corporal (Paid).

Interesting group, one for the Regimental Collector. Copy MIC , Service Records A few edge knocks & impact marks as usually associated with Cavalry medals.

Price: £175

Machine Gun Corps

IGSM 1908 with Clasp “Afghanistan North West Frontier 1919”

brooks1 brooks2brooks3 brooks4

124729 Acting Sjt George William Brown MGC (Impressed naming with Official Correction to Rank)

Also served as 9292 Royal Sussex Regiment and entitled to 1915 Star Trio Entered 5g Asiatic Theatre – Hafiz on the Indian Frontier Copy

MIC & Medal Roll Scarce to have Indian Service from 1915 onwards.

Price: £110

Machine Gun Corps

IGSM 1908 with Clasp “Afghanistan North West Frontier 1919”

brown1 brown2 brown3 brown4

113342 Pte Percival Austin Brown MGC (Impressed naming)

Also served as 200950 Dorset Regiment and entitled to BWM & Victory Pair Lived 24 East Street, Blandford, Dorset

Copy MIC, Medal Roll & 1911 Census

Price: £110

Manchester Regiment – Officer



WW1 1915 Star Trio & WW2 War Medal (2 Lieut on Star / Captain on Pair) Ernest Wallwork

Appointed 2nd Lt 8th Battalion Manchester Regiment – February 1913 Captain Manchester Regiment – Dec 1915 Adjt Lanc Fusiliers Vol Bn – Nov 1918 Major (Ex Manchester Reg), Appointed Lt South Lanc Reg – May 1940 Relinquishes Commission Sept 1941

MIC confirms Egypt Sept 1st, so probably part of the advance party for the 42nd Division at Alexandra, and then hence forward to Gallipoli / Egypt / Western Front

Address on MIC given as Macclesfield Arms Hotel, Macclesfield, Cheshire Interesting group of medals.

Price: £265

1/8th Lancashire Fusiliers

Pair & Plaque – Officer Casualty

IMAG2114 IMAG2118

Lieutenant James Harper Simpson – 1/8th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers

James Simpson was born in 1884, in Lancaster, the son of a Scottish Catholic Minster.

The 1911 Census shows the family living in Huddersfield with Simpson working as an Insurance Inspector.

In 1917, the Battalion was involved in the Third Battle of Ypres, or Passchendaele. The Battalion War Diary for September 6th 1917, describes “D” Company 1/8th in support of 1/6th Lancashire Fusiliers for their attack on Beck House and Iberian (strongly held German Pillboxes), and were responsible for the wiring and carrying parties during this attack. 2 Officers were killed in the attack and Simpson wounded. He was to die of his wounds on the 12th October 1917, and is buried in Outtersteene Communal Cemetery.

He is also commemorated on the Ledsham (Cheshire) Royal Sun Alliance Memorial, which is now located at the National Arboretum, Staffordshire.

Plaque comes with it’s waxed card envelope. Also included is a copy portrait photograph, CWGC, SDGW, War Diary, Medal Roll, MIC, 1911 Census, and copy photo of gravestone.

Medals and plaque in excellent condition.

Price: £445


WW1 1915 Star Trio – Officer


Thorpe1 Thorpe2 Thorpe3

R519 Sjt J F Thorpe Kings Royal Rifle Corps (on Star) 2nd Lieut J F Thorpe (on pair)

Born and lived in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. To France 21.05.15, with the 9th battalion KRRC.

Commissioned into the KRRC 2nd Oct 1917, then transferred to the Machine Gun Corps. Just prior to the end of the War he then transferred to the RAF School of Aviation. Includes copy of MIC, Army service records and RAF service record

Interesting group

Price: £195


West Riding Regiment (Duke of Wellingtons)

1915 Star – Military Medal Winner


Pte James Jennings 11270 8th & 10th West Riding Regiment

To Balkans 07.07.15 London Gazette – 17.12.17 From Keighley

Copy MIC, MM award card, Medal Rolls & London Gazette

Price: £95


West Riding Regiment (Duke of Wellingtons)


Pte Joseph Rhodes 31056 West Riding Regiment

Also entitled to IGSM 1908 with Clasp “Afghanistan North West Frontier 1919”

Copy MIC (interestingly MIC gives rank as Signaller on IGSM)

Price: £30