“1916” Dated Hudson Whistle

Possibly one of the most evocative of WW1 personal items, is the trench whistle, carried by Subalterns and Sergeants, blown just before “going over the top”. With 1916 obviously closely linked with the Somme and the 1st July, this is the date everyone wants!

Clearly marked “1916 J Hudson & Co Birmingham” in the small font associated with this date.

A couple of small dints.

Price: £85

Parachute Regiment

IMAG2939 IMAG2941 IMAG2942IMAG2940 IMAG2943

Scarce Ronson “Aircraft” pattern Lighter, Cigarette Case and Watch with a rather nice miniature Parachute Regiment badge on the front.

I am guessing this belonged to a fairly high ranking Para Regiment Officer, as this make and type of case was not cheap! What does one buy a Para Officer for his birthday?

The watch is fully working, and winds nicely. Lighter sparks, though would benefit from a new flint.

Probably a one-off!

Price: £95


WW1 era 1912 Dated “Housewife”

DSCF3589 DSCF3590

Great item, all complete with original needle, thread and pins, all fits into a metal case. Made in the USA

Price £28